Our Programs

We are very blessed to provide all of our students such an incredible variety of classes and a talented team of instructors. We desire to help all dancers become artists! With their vast experience, each instructor will work diligently to guide the students in a positive and disciplined manner so they understand their dance technique in a more intimate fashion. Thus, helping your children to be more successful throughout the year at their own studios.

All students will participate in our weekly Saturday showcase to present what they have learned throughout the week. The performances will consist of, but not be limited to: Classical Ballet Variations, Contemporary, Tap/Musical Theater, Jazz, Ballroom and Irish Step Dancing.

Cross-training is an important concept we like all of our dancers to take seriously to become the healthiest and strongest humans they can be. Under the direction of Catina Topash, Wilson’s Total Fitness provides challenging and fun Conditioning classes like Zumba, Body Combat, Silks, Aqua Aerobics, Yoga, and Pilates to encourage our Grand Allegro (full day) students to be a healthier and physically stronger dancer.

There are so many components we wish to expose to our students which will enhance their dancing journey, so we have joined forces with experts in our local community to include weekly seminars on Nutrition, Nutrition in Action, Phun with Physics, Injury Prevention, and Dance History.

CSBI strives to make our programs extremely affordable while providing excellent training and performing opportunities. Throughout each of these intensive offerings, we hope to also spark lasting friendships and camaraderie that the Arts foster naturally.

You can find more details about each program on these pages:

Le Petite

Demi Journée

Grand Allegro